Collaborative Mathematics and Engineering Platform

CADWOLF integrates mathematics, documentation, and CAD, as well as coordinates and automates the design of large structures

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Intro Videos

Watch the 90 second intro video and the 10 minute video on the basics

The Problems

Mathematics, Documentation, and CAD get out of sync in STEM projects; small changes can cause full redesigns to all aspects of large structures; project management is difficult

CADWOLF: The Solution

CADWOLF combines the mathematics and documentation in the same platform and syncs with CAD to automate redesign and syncronize all aspects of STEM projects for simple collaboration and management


The platform consists of sevaral modules that can be used to solve a simple problem or manage an entire STEM project

Documents - Analysis and Documentation

Documents are the backbone of CADWOLF. They are created and edited through GUIs and can be thought of as a google doc that has all the power of a programming language.

Workspaces - Create, Store, and Organize Files

Workspaces act as folders in CADWOLF and provide a place where users can create and locate files, address permissions, and upload images.

Part Trees - Build Something

Part trees let users establish a part numbering scheme and then build large structures - piece by piece. This provides instant feedback from CAD models and design documents, as well as one place to acccess all files.

Direct integration with Onshape and Fusion 360

CADWOLF equations can be sent to Onshape and to Fusion 360 to drive CAD models and those models can be read back into CADWOLF Fusion Logo Onshape Logo

More than a replacement

Don't just replace these platforms, expand their capabilities

CADWOLF is more than a free, online replacement for Word, Excel, Matlab, MathCAD, Mathematica, and Jupyter Notebook. CADWOLF's link to CAD platforms, its collaborative nature, and its additional part tree and workflow modules make it a far better system for students, entrepreneurs, and large project managers.

  Excel MathCAD Jupyter CADWOLF
Mathematics Solver
Document Appearance
Web Based
Free Version
Part Tree Organization
Process Management
Direct Link to CAD

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CADWOLF Examples and Community

How to get help and work with others


Our documentation workspace provides a users guide that walks the users through the facets of CADWOLF


The homework workspace provides hundreds of examples in subjest such as physics, statics, dynamics, and mechanics of materials.


The examples workspaceprovides a few examples designed to get the user started working with CADWOLF and using part trees


Visit our subreddit to ask general questions, address bugs, or suggest an improvement

Email us

Drop us a line with questions at jfoxworth at cadwolf dot com. We can do google hangouts to help get you started

Open Source Projects

After you have walked through some examples and the documentation, take a look at some of our open source projects or start your own

Start with our tutorials

Our video tutorials explain what CADWOLF is and how it works as as how to create and edit documents. This is where a new user should start learning. Go to tutorials
CADWOLF licenses are free to learn or for students Start Now