View dozens of examples and use CADWOLF to solve and store your homework


In CADWOLF documents, users can add text, use MathJax/Latex markup to create symbolic equations, add and edit plots, add images, use equations that track units and have tons of built in functions, and do a lot more to help you solve and store homework problems. Every user gets a workspace to hold as many documents as desired.

Benefits of using CADWOLF

  • Completely Web Based
  • Work can be accessed from anywhere
  • Work is stored indefinitely
  • Organize work in folders on your workspace
  • Let other people view or edit your work

Document Features

  • Documents have text, equations, images, charts, equations, symbolics, loops, and more
  • Hundreds of built in mathematical functions
  • Upload data and then use it in calculations

Additional Resources

If you are new to CADWOLF, take a look at our tutorials and the Documentation workspace to help get started.

Start with Tutorials

The tutorials page holds a number of videos that introduce documents and workspaces and how to use them. These videos show introductions to equations, text, charts, symbolic equations, images, videos, and other items in documents.

Ask Questions and Get Help

CADWOLF has a subreddit where we answer questions about homework problems and help out where we can. You can also reach us on Facebook and Twitter

CADWOLF - The Perfect Place for Homework

CADWOLF is the perfect platform for engineering students. Doing your homework with us means that your work is better organized, always available in a web browser, and retained indefinitely.